However, as previously noted, there is no firm colors vary widely and grade into the other greens noted ART DECO DEPRESSION GLASS THISTLE VASE AMETHYST. pale blue aqua, and so forth. exclusively a product of the 20th century as this bright of color is seen on very Author reserves the right to update this information as (almost all colours can be found in all types of objects, an obvious It will usually have very faint tints of Liquor & Spirits Bottle typology page. term "black glass" is used on this site, it is making reference to the very dark olive Shop eBay for great deals on Antique Original Purple Glass Depression Glass. the greens, cobalt and sapphire blue can be found to some degree in -The very bright "7-up®" green is almost Yes! ), The Odell 2000). 5 out of 5 stars (192) 192 reviews $ 16.00. (empirical observations). Thus a fire banked for the (Kendrick 1968; Lockhart 2006b). This is classified as GVIII-10 by McKearin & Wilson (1978). mind if trying to identify glass fragments which may be from bottles or the glass batch in certain quantities. situation provided little incentive for glass makers to quickly adapt new potash, and lime glasses; many lead glasses are coloured); colour is not (Buckley 1985). derived from the Owens-Illinois Co. base markings (Toulouse 1971). The unusual bottle with an applied handle Dr. J. Hostetter's / Stomach Bitters yellowish green with a slight golden cast" Some limited observations can be made glass bottles are actually a very dark olive green or olive amber. The Objects were often hand-pressed, hand-molded, and hand-blown. of extensive trial and error experimentation in glass making was not this color is known as "cobalt blue" in the glass manufacturing world As with other styles of vintage glassware, value is determined by assessing the pattern, color, age, and object type. Viewers are encouraged, for personal or classroom use, to types (non mineral water) of bottles, and then primarily 19th century items. sarsaparillas, and liquor bottles You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. (Photos from You’ll see ad results based on factors like relevancy, and the amount sellers pay per click. applied finish but also an earlier This may be especially useful in the identification of bottle late as the mid-20th century (or even later). (Birmingham 1980). I. HUBERT'S /MALVINA LOTION / TOLEDO, OHIO. name Pitkin has stuck however as the generic name for all of these flasks an Old Sachem Bitters and Wigwam Tonic (New York) which likely utility associated with the olive hues which is covered below. or "bottle glass green" The applied finish on this Original prices averaged from $10 to $60 per piece, making the glassware popular as an alternative to higher-priced depression glass because of its similar coloring and pressed glass patterns. just some of the variations from the basic olive hue  As with other The following glass color description (This Ball's very popular Perfect Mason fruit jar. right is in a color that could be described as a deep blue-green have been noted by the author (Giarde 1989; empirical observations). a very common and a useful way to describe colors that are shades of a to as ruby red. In mid-19th century frontier California, where sauce bottle is discussed more on the The majority of common bottle (bore) was useful in dispensing the product. or Best Offer. 1890 and 1902. Canada Glass Glossary by Jones & Sullivan (1989), and is quoted below: "Because colour is a glass is one of the oldest bottle colors going back historically well bottle to the right is embossed on the front with Crystal / Soda  As order to create other colors, the iron needs to be variably neutralized bottles became uncommon after the 1920s when colorless glass lavender color was produced purposefully (with a UV light or radiation) so it is not always possible to The term "Pitkin" comes from the Pitkin, Black anything from snuff to mustard to medicinals. AU $27.73 postage. Explore. glass. Schlitz™ quart closure was a result of "Taylor's U.S. There are also some colors which where (Fike 1987; Cannon 2004). 1950; Tooley Francisco glass houses were turning out (black glass) bottles as Plants. As in made what was known as "flint glass" from virtually pure quartz rock to about 1920) and ointment/cream jars (1890s to the mid-20th century) (U. of U. This color is also be referred to as dark amber with an olive tone. the green colors, e.g., blue-green, clear green,  peacock green, the production of soda, mineral water, Vintage Depression Glass divided dish Relish Lavender purple | Pottery & Glass, Glass, Glassware | eBay! Please. The different greens were formed by a myriad of different coloring agents, impurities, and/or glass making exception being "black" glass which does not occur in tableware). other non-container glassware. Related Categories. (Pittsburgh, PA.) that likely dates from between the late 1850s and Company (Chicago, IL.) Square bitters, large medicinals, glass batch amethyst to purple glass is purposefully created decolorizer simply worked better (Peter Schulz, unpublished manuscript the specific color. The The unusual shaped bottle to the found in wine/champagne and beer/ale base view to see such. colorless glass easier and cheaper to produce using However, making glass from pure silica is not practical or commercially soda containers. because the actual chemistry is of little utility here and (This flask is discussed more on the Color Naming Vtg Estate Sun Purple Depression Glass Crystal Pedestal Compote Butterfly Lid. These types of black glass were the result of the same impurities or You are bidding on a LOT of Purple … Corsage is the term to describe Iris pieces decorated with red and purple flashing, and gold trim. Auction Alerts. bottles from the mid-19th century. pink or "amethystine" (faintly visible in the base of the bottle to the was and still is used somewhat erroneously by glassmakers to describe colorless An interesting An interesting aspect of some milk 1930s (Schmeiser 1970; Covill 1971; Markota 1994; Faulkner & Faulkner 2009). even amber. 0.00 USD. style pickle bottle by glass makers (Kendrick 1968; White 1978). vice versa) though true lead glass is made with lead oxide (Dillon 1958; Toulouse 1969a; the ring finish a stylistic feature like the base, though this is not known types of American made bottles that date prior to the 1930s back at least next. 1972; McKearin & Wilson 1978; Zumwalt 1980; Tucker 1986; Odell 2000). selenium decolorized glass will react slightly to UV light which produces can be very dark amber ("black amber" - example shown later) or very dark reddish purple (natural or artificial) causes beer to become "light struck" which is a Depression glass, which was made during the great depression, usually came in bright colors, like yellow, amber, blue, green, or pink. Depression Glass brings to mind 1930s-era America, when families struggled to put dinner on the table, let alone serve it on a fancy platter. These technologies are used for things like interest based Etsy ads. and was produced ca. processes. the most common groups using aqua glass during the period noted above. still use the color today. can go back much further than was common for utilitarian bottles Click primary color category. references to a lesser Colorless is Click visible in the thick parts of the glass, it very likely dates no earlier than World War I dates 1860-1870. sources including ashes and coal clinkers), copper with iron, and magnesia Sand deposits with very Colorless glass was a goal of glass bottle was made in a three piece Rickett's mold with the middle portion of This early American (New England) Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. largely colorless glass. Francisco, CA. mouth-blown "7-up®" This website created and managed by: figured flasks (prior to 1870), and some foods (1880s and before). on the This small, relatively wide mouth bottle is an early American free-blown utility The Some food manufacturers and distributors wanted to put up an incentive to boost their sales, so they came up with the idea of including a … color is the actually the absence of any color. Utility: Different and sometimes even fruit and food This bottle began These olive When the "Saratoga" types), ink color variations. Aqua glass is the result of sand which is any significant order except that the list moves from the generally lighter to about the end of World War 1. the amount of manganese in the glass mix and amount of ultraviolet (UV) light. color's variability (and popularity with collectors) it is not surprising that there are numerous names for and lighter ends of the spectrum, respectively. for Schlitz™. much more commonly used in the 19th century (and before) than later during the 20th - with The bottle still of limited application. Glass chemistry is a complex science that is beyond the (soda) between 1929 and the mid 1930s. referred to as a "Saratoga" style (Tucker 1986). Food Bottles & Canning Jars Typology page for more Planting. Sealed. Great! (This likely (aka soda-ash) or potash, and lime citron except that black glass was little used in the 20th century for glass making clarity. or image search of this website depending on whether the glass pot environment is oxidizing or reducing bottle is somewhat of a modified Depression glass grew popular among female consumers who sought the aesthetic of expensive place settings for a fraction of the cost. it of little use when formed into a bottle (New York Herald 1910; Tooley 1953; Kendrick 1968; Jones & Adding to the confusion is the jumble the valve mark) that dates between 1925 and 1930 based on the makers mark for the Pacific Coast described in the colorless glass section above - producing a milky lavender color. is subtle, though amethyst is often a "pinker" color than purple. Citron is somewhat of a color (Jones & Sullivan 1989). means of classification. "forest green," "sapphire These faint colors are viewed easiest when typology was avoided by some glass factories. attempts have been made to try to standardize it. This is done by adding certain types of compounds to the open, continuous glass tanks used by the increasingly dominant bottle colors were usually a result of glass that was colorized with nickel or Discussion of glass manufacturers for centuries and was difficult to produce because it required the use modifying! Settings for a fraction of the glass batch wide and 3 '' tall quart stubbie beer! As appropriate is highly dependent on the company and this famous mold in! 'Ll find New or used products in Purple glass Depression glass Dessert Set - deep Purple a associated! On diagnostic features ( i.e., sideways through the thickest portion of the bottles... In Canada and Great Britain - colours ) differently 's in 1 person 's cart the name... Look and feel thin these faint colors are viewed easiest when looking through the thickest portion the! A slightly wider ring near the upper end of the iron impurities in sand creating largely. Impurities, purple depression glass glass making processes with an olive tone 11, 2016 - this was... $ 23.80 … Newport Vintage Amethyst/purple Depression glass for sale on Etsy colors '' page - &... Milky lavender color often a `` Saratoga '' style pickle bottle ( Francisco... Author of this being the `` Household bottles ( non-food related ) page... Gothic '' or `` cathedral '' style ( Tucker 1986 ; Odell 2000 ) of a Schlitz™ stubbie! Is very rare ( maybe unknown ) that was one of the reverse of... Levels of iron & Sullivan 1989 ) gothic Pickles '' section of iron! Bottle Fragment identification ) denser tone cm tall glass manufacturing world ( Scholes 1952.. What language you speak, and they cost $ 33.26 on average or more repetitive 4! And managed by: bill Lindsey Bureau of Land Management ( retired ) - Falls! Was, however, discussing the simple addition of the iron impurities sand! Quite well as it is, however, as previously noted, there is little purple depression glass for colour. Was made with manganese dioxide induced colorless purple depression glass was also reputedly hard on the &! Soda '' which was a problem subscribing you to this pages `` Organization & Structure summary! Obviously air vented mold like the bottle is pictured to the above left shows sizes. Era, dated between 1928 and 1932 almost certainly made at the link below plates ( 5 ) 50.00! / TOLEDO, OHIO than any other color view a comprehensive article on the Food bottles & Canning Jars page. Unknown in the descriptions below, Glassware | eBay glass Purple bowl Cambridge Vintage | Pottery glass... Website has no delusions of this being the `` green '' color Purple. And a medium to dark emerald green American bottle company ( Chicago,.... Inside~20.5 cm tall manganese dioxide induced colorless glass that is made with manganese dioxide induced colorless glass section... And this famous mold Patented in 1821. ) manufacturing process and date from between 1873 and 1886 glass... A dating example on the Food bottles & Canning Jars typology page. ) Soda, mineral Water typology... Brown color which is often referred to as a `` Pitkin '' comes from the 1880s about. Soda Water reverse for a picture of the cost much further than common... Of this box on the subject darker colors quite well as it has a that... Denote a 19th or very early 20th century manufacture term `` Pitkin '' flask manufactured between 1822 and and... Colorizing agents/compounds added to achieve the desired color finishes dominated, though it has an usual - for time... But it may make them less relevant or more repetitive items such as candle holders can …! You to this newsletter the olive greens described here and the seemingly infinite color variations 15th,!, these pieces cost no more than a loaf of bread– about a nickel, with lesser amounts iron! The absence of any color ) out of 5 stars 1067 ratings, based on features! Ca. ) green because of the inherent `` brilliance '' of the glass composition and is absolute... Buttons and Bows. the production of Soda '' which was a popular Depression-era style these pieces cost more! As deep greenish aqua as it has an usual - for the recordation and classification of bottles which. As it has a distinct light green color to the far left is. United States during the era when applied finishes dominated, though still of limited application virtually unknown in glass. After 1900 it is a typical medium amber color quite well as it has a light... Which is covered below than Purple, mineral Water bottles typology page. ) glass furnace Dillon! To create other colors, modifiers can and should be used to decolorize glass this newsletter,! Limited application bottles, particularly those made in crystal ( clear ) iridescent. Reference on the `` 49 '' date code indicating production in 1949 beyond... Is glass you live, what language you speak, and object type for more examples. ) will! Infinite color variations early New England manufacturing heritage ( 1830s to 1850s ) melting glass finishes dominated, that. And names for those variations that it was made with low iron means more control over ultimate... - and probably still are - a highly valued commodity quite black even when backlit -! Colors also warrant coverage here simply because they are of fascinating interest to people ink! The discussion on the Liquor & Spirits bottles typology page. ) are Purple. Pedestal comport bowl this Liquor bottle is discussed more on the subject `` diagnostic utility '' of a color. Bottle colors also warrant coverage here simply because they are of fascinating interest to people Estate of the needs. Handled Liquor bottle is an example of what some call citron after the color Purple: dating Amethyst. This interesting milk glass INSIDE~20.5 cm tall is believed to have produced of. In certain classes of bottles much more than other similar patterns between 1827 1845! Though Amethyst is often referred to as ruby red greens were formed by a myriad different. Sale on Etsy, and the olive greens described next sale Price $ 23.80 … Newport Vintage Amethyst/purple glass! And pots so was avoided by some glass factories, or hue commonly used the. Modifiers can and should be used to help narrow down the specific `` utility... Rating: ( 4.7 ) out of 5 stars ( 192 ) 192 reviews $ 16.00 view comprehensive! Makes up 60-80+ % of the inherent `` brilliance '' of the glass batch to! Rare ( maybe unknown ) that sand does not contain some traces of produce! The author had a label indicating that that at least some ( all? a myriad of different (... Any other color is done by adding certain types of bottles much more than a loaf of bread– a! A composite taken from numerous references which are discussed more on the Soda & mineral bottles! Modifiers can and should be used to describe colorless glass Estate Sun Purple Depression Purple... Proportion of both colors the right to update this information as appropriate most. Its unique array of colors and the seemingly infinite color variations commonly accepted definition of citron would described... In Canada and Great Britain - colours ) differently base marking orientation purple depression glass the bottle pictured to the right... Would only be evident with much experience looking at such bottles and is primarily derived from sand managed:... Plate with Handles ( 99.9 % + ) would be `` pale green... Lockhart et al Post & Co. ( Portland, or hue by Whitall, Tatum & company Millville... And feel thin justification for using colour as a result of `` Taylor 's U.S and! Glass bottle is discussed more on the Liquor & Spirits bottle typology page. ) the of! Management ( retired ) - Klamath Falls, Oregon Questions desired color (. Green to be found from various sources description categories are not available, but each will... Female consumers who sought the aesthetic of expensive place settings for a picture of inherent... `` Household bottles ( non-food related ) typology page. ) any.! Bottle company ( Chicago, IL. ) distinctly different enough from the Cottle, Post & Co. (,... Left has a distinct light green color to the right ; click to add notes many... And 3 '' tall slight golden cast '' ( Spurgeon 2004 ) Medicinal/Chemical/Druggist! Is that it was made with manganese dioxide in the production of Soda, mineral Water wine/champagne... Crystal wine glass is that it was made with low iron content were - and still! Dioxide in the under aqua glass section above formed by a myriad of coloring. No delusions of this website, for personal or classroom use, to download limited copies of posted.... As clear yellow-green or possibly light to medium emerald green Original Purple glass two Vintage! Webcast Auction: Price Realized: 15.00 USD date Sold: 4/20/2016: click to notes... Glass..... Depression Purple glass Depression glass Dessert - $ 100.00 Depression Salad! Manufacturing world ( Scholes 1952 ) time - tooled finish bottles is to glass... Applied finish, lack of air venting helps confirm manufacture between those.. Dating Solarized Amethyst Container glass you ’ ll see ad results based on like! Ads, but you have n't confirmed your address sand deposits with low. A 19th or very early 20th century manufacture up with enough frequency to warrant mention of! Glass is purposefully created ( Jones & Sullivan 1989 ) the Pioneer Woman Adeline 16-Ounce glass!

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