Geni requires JavaScript! (Photograph from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission) Added by: War Graves on 13 Jan 2014. Family links: Christopher Thompson Maling (1824-1901) Pottery Manufacturer, John Mawson (1815-1867) Chemist, Town Sheriff, victim of the Town of Moor Explosion, Benjamin May (1870-1892) Student of medicine aged 22 - accidentally drowned, William Milburn (1826-1903) Shipping Magnate, John Morrison (1792-1858) Inventor of Transparent Adhesive Plaster, Henry Murton (1818-1874) Founder of Murton's Store, Kate Elizabeth Murton Jenkins (1855 - 1890), John Innes Nisbet (1866-1910) Murdered on Alnmouth train, Susan Nesbit (1789-1862) Servant to family of Ralph Park Philipson for 60 years, Dr. William Newton (1817-1863) Surgeon and Social Reformer, Spouse: Eliza Jane Newton (1816 - 1908). Years later the number of unclaimed graves was ‘considerable’, and of those families successfully contacted only two opted for private removal. Benjamin Carr Lawton (1815-1889) Engineer. Category Education; ... Undercliffe Old Victorian Cemetery Graveyard Bradford West Yorkshire ... Dad's Burial - Tahoma National Cemetery … Newcastle-upon-Tyne (St. Andrew's and Jesmond) Cemetery contains 183 First World War burials, about half of them in a war graves plot. Please link any profiles of people buried there to the project, and add interesting notes to the listing below. JESMOND OLD CEMETERY Today's photos are an introduction to the history of one of Newcastle's fascinating burial places and its residents. Newcastle Crematorium & Jesmond Cemetery. Eileen Maud O'Shaughnessy (September 25, 1905 - March 29, 1945) was the first wife of British writer George Orwell. Burial fundraiser for 'kind gent' who died tending the graves of strangers at Jesmond cemetery Over 100 people have donated more than £1,000 so far to ensure the man gets a … Designed by John Dobson and developed by Richard Grainger (names that are noted in the regeneration of victorian Newcastle). Not all the graves are marked by a monument or a headstone. Your new password must contain one or more uppercase and lowercase letters, and one or more numbers or special characters. All Saints Cemetery This Cemetery stands on Jesmond Road, opposite Jesmond Old Cemetery. I thought you might like to see a cemetery for Jesmond Old Cemetery I found on To upload a spreadsheet, please use the old site. NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE (OLD JESMOND) GENERAL CEMETERY. Ancient burial grounds are excluded. Because the buildings were of exceptional architectural and historical importance the Environment Minister offered a 75 per cent grant to re-site them. Special characters are not allowed. John Roach (1809-1865) West Indian, East house proprietor. By that time the 1832 Anatomy Act, which stated that medical schools could use any unclaimed corpses (not just criminals) once 48 hours had elapsed and put most bodysnatchers out of work. Father: John Thomas... © Copyright Andrew Curtis and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence. Many of the people listed below are mentioned in Alan Morgan's publication A Fine and Private Place - Jesmond Old Cemetery 2004,, Spouse: Eleanor Smith Bryson (1816 - 1856)*, Spouse: Mary Weatherburn Burt (1842 - 1926). Verify and try again. Friends Of Jesmond Old Cemetery has caught the attention of the local media once again! The land was drained and three-metre walls built to enclose the triangular site to deter bodysnatchers. Ann Black (1800-1866) Servant of William Woods Esq. Hedley Chapman Jnr (1844-1916) furniture manufacturer.

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